Papers and patents


The research results of reproducing pancreatic cells of diabetic mouses proves the functionality of Ceriporia as a key therapeutical substance.

Research Papers

Fugenbio has executed national project on blood sugar control and is receiving attention from academics by constantly publishing research papers on SCI level journals.

Domestic Patents

food and drug related

Registration of 3 patents and application for 11 patents (under examination), relating to prevention of treatment of diabetes, liver function improvement, metabolism improvement in lipid, nerve stability, sexual function improvement, blood pressure reduction, cancer prevention, fatigue recovery, immunity enhancement, blood circulation improvement, hangover cure, and kidney protection.

Skin related

Registration of 1 patent and application for 3 patents (under examination), relating to skin condition improvement, anti-oxidation, skin protection against UV rays, and hair loss prevention or hair growth facilitation.

Oversea Patent

Fugenbio has U.S. and PCT patent pending for a patent for prevention of diabetic diseases and diabetic complications or therapeutic pharmaceutical compositions, a patent for liver function improvement, and a patent for lipid metabolism improvement.