Quality Management Systems

Development of Optimal and Unique Production Process
Since the discovery of the food and medical efficacies of Ceriporia Lacerata, the company has developed its specialized culture process and secured CLEPS extraction technology to maximize the effective substance

Production Process

After executing pre-cultivation in order to obtain stable culture media, uniform inoculum is mass-produced in liquid culture. Stock solution and mycelium are separated, and the isolated stock solution is concentrated to be mixed with mycelium. To protect fungi, the culture medium for which mixing is completed undergoes rapid pre-freezing followed by freeze-drying process. After the freeze-dried substance is pulverized evenly, complete products in various forms are produced.

* Culture : Massive liquid-culture of equal inocula
* Fungi separation : Separation of mycelium from undiluted solution
* Concentration : Concentration of separated undiluted solution
* Mixture : Mixture of concentrated undiluted solution and mycelium
* Freeze-dry : Quick pre-freezing of mixed undiluted solution and then freeze-dry

Managing Seed Culture and Securing Stability

Through ITS 5.8S rDNA based sequence comparison process which is much used for species-specific identification, 99% or more of species similarity has been confirmed. Also, in order to prevent losing fungal strains and to maintain and preserve the stability, the seed culture is systematically maintained through 3 step time period management.

Ceriporia lacerata

Entrust storage in anational research institute
Storage for common use(less than 1 month)
Mid-term storage(1-3 years)
Long-term storage(more than 2 years)