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Food and Drug Biotecnnology with combination of effectiveness and functionality using the best technology

Ceriporia, the key ingredient in Fugenbio, is CLEPS based and its effectiveness for various indications such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and hyperlipidemia has been proved through research designed for efficacy evaluation and mechanism study.Currently, we are in the process of launching health functional foods, and natural product drug and new biomedicine research targeteting the global market is under way.


Constant challenge of Ceriporia, the new functional material, to pursue multibeauty, beyond mere beauty.

Testing for safety and effectiveness has proven the efficacy of Ceriporia, the revolutionary new ingredient obtained by researching and developing raw materials, for various aspects such as skin lightening, wrinkle reduction, antioxidation, moisturizing, anti hairloss, etc. Fugenbio intends to lead the global antiaging market through Ceriporia